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I AM SPAMMING YOU ALL, I am very sorry.

This kind of attacked me out of nowhere and forced me to write it, so, er, I clearly had no say in the matter. Also, I wrote it at my dad's, who does not know I write gaaaays, so I kept having to be like 'NO NOT WRITING ANYTHING no you cannot read it' and angling the notebook away so he wouldn't read words like 'wanking' or 'cock' or 'twat' and make me have A Talk with him. Good times?

ANYWAY, here is a fic for your faces.

Title: A pair of binocular (incorrect)
Rating: R
Fandom/Pairing: Green Wing; Mac/Guy
Word Count: ~1600
Disclaimer: Green Wing belongs to Victoria Pile, I own nooothing.
Summary: Involving Guy being stubborn and a whole lot of alcohol.

Now I go to watch Sense and Sensibilty (tv version), my thoughts on which are: Elinor <<<<< Emma Thompson, everyone else :D. It amuses me how their Edward is like Hugh Grant v.2, but, like, with an emotional range.
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I was going to post this today, but then [profile] strangeumbrellaposted her epic UOGB fic and I felt all inadequate and debated whether to post this or not.

And then I said 'asjbfxjbv' and did it anyway, because it's about time I got round to a fic request at bloody last.

Title: Rambling is a Side-Effect of Greatness
Fandom: Green Wing
Pairing: Mac/Guy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 432
Disclaimer: Green Wing isn't mine. Guy's insanity is also not my responsibility, thank God.
Summary: Guy has a theory. Or an analogy. Whatever it is, it means he's clever, thank you very much.
A/N: For [profile] _faeriequeen, who wanted some Mac/Guy. Argh argh argh, hope it's okay, usual insecurities, nnnngh, etc.

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I felt that I had not really illustrated my point too well re: Mac/Caroline in that last post of flailing.

Thus, a ridiculously large picspam of that kiss I highlighted as being my favourite. Because I can. And who doesn't like looking at Julian Rhind-Tutt kissing Tamsin Greig, really.

Yes, every one of those vastly different caps was necessary for inclusion and worth of photoshop tweaking to pull out even more pretty.

And seeing as I don't seem to be adverse to spending an hour or so of my life capping and tweaking attractive moments from Green Wing (and, really, who would be?)...I may or may not spam you some more this week.

I may be writing Ed Byrne/Julian Rhind-Tutt, someone help me.
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I was watching Green Wing today. (What follows has spoilers for, er, the whole shebang, just to warn people who are staying away from GW spoilers for whatever reason).

Er, in non-Green Wing related stuff:

- I have a tub of Ben and Jerry's 'Half Baked' ice-cream in the freezer, waiting for me.

- My mother bought me the first season of Grey's Anatomy (my guilty pleasure show, shh) on dvd, which I shall watch with the aforementioned ice-cream

- Tomorrow, I attempt to make an omelette for dinner.

- Does anyone know why the UK and the US differ on the length of Grey's Anatomy's first season? The US sells it as nine episodes long (the original first season) while the UK sticks the first five episodes of the second season in the first season boxset. Hmmm.


- You remember those fic requests you all made back in June? Yeah, I'm going to try and get through those before next Friday, so keep an eye out!

- I'm going to try and re-vamp this journal over the next week, in that I want to have a header, damn it, and I've got the time on my hands this week to try and make that happen. Any tips/advice?

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Random Kate Bush titles aside, I haven't said a lot recently! Although I'm sure this is not of maximum concern to a lot of you ;-)

I don't even have particularly much to say now, but I felt I should say something to make up for it. 

I have all my exam results back, and only one B - in Maths, 6 marks off an A, and the second paper was impossible. It really, really was. I had 11 results back, 6 were A*s, 5 were As. One was a 99% (!!!!).  /non-important rambles.

Tonight, I plan to eat brownies and watch my Green Wing special dvd. However, this means I shall have to tape Top Gear, which comes back today and which[personal profile] rionaleonhart has evilly won me round to watching through various nefarious techniques, all of which involve cajoling and/or excessive use of videos.
And I'm not even that interested in cars. Damn her. Except not.

In my head, there are two more Green Wing fic ideas. This is a bit mad.

And to end, another 'help me procrastinate, goddamn it!' type of meme, stolen away from [profile] strangeumbrella:

Comment and I will:

1) Tell you why I friended you.
2) Associate you with a song/film.
3) Tell a random fact about you.
4) Tell a first memory about you.
5) Associate you with a character/pairing.
6) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7) Show you my favourite user pic of yours.
8) In retort, you must spead this disease in your LJ.

(Although, don't feel obliged to do this yourself. I just want something to dooooooo!)
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Green Wing has eaten my brain. I have just ordered the Special on dvd as well as the first season script book.

I blame Mac. He's very, very pretty.

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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Exams go bye-bye! *collapses*

Also, I was due to have a Classics exam this afternoon, but when my friend and I dragged ourselves back up to school after our two hour break (study leave is good), we were told that the exam had to be postponed because my school? Yeah, the windows decided that they couldn't stand up to the wind (which is bloody howling around outside my very thin, not-double-glazed, original Georgian and rattling bedroom windows right now) and shattered inwards, so the exam hall was off-limits and they were sending everyone home!

So, glee!

And I am doing absolutely nothing this weekend, apart from sit on my slightly too-large backside and watch Green Wing. And possibly write some things.

I also did three hours of Maths coursework this evening, after walking six miles (to school and back, three times) and swimming 42 lengths. I deserve chocolate and pretty this weekend, and that is what I shall have.

One outtake on the Black Books season 3 dvd has been keeping me sane all week. One. I have actually lost count of the amount of times I watched it. *happy sigh*
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I have just ordered three shiny things in an attempt to get through my exams:

A) Green Wing - Complete seasons 1 and 2

B) Black Books - Season 3 (which I watched a fair amount of with [profile] missfoxie)

C) Postsecret - the book, which I have wanted for aaaages.

There is somewhat of a link between two of these items, and his name is Julian Rhind-Tutt. *faints*

And tomorrow, I have an English Language exam, a Chemisty exam and a Maths exam - and my biggest break is half an hour.

I hope the postman brings me my shiny things soonly.

But how are you all? Tell me something you did today, to make me smiiiiiiiiiiiile! 

I want a Green Wing icon now.


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