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O flist, I have a query for you:

Does Lent begin on Ash Wednesday, or the Friday after? I remember a big debate about this in one of my Religious classes during my GCSEs and not actually paying any attention to what was decided. SO I TURN TO YOU.

ANYWAY. Here are some videos for your faces ♥

YouTube favourites, how I enjoy you )
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Being Human tonight! *does a little dance*

BBC3, 9:00 - and apparently the first three minutes are important, so, er, I will have to get myself making dinner and timing stuff properly: without fail, I usually miss the first few minutes of something on tv if I make dinner to eat with it, mainly because I time the making of the food well but then forget to factor in the fact that I am unable to leave the kitchen messy, so I have to clean before I can eat (the microwave is my friend, otherwise I would have many, many cold dinners).

This is in no way a proper post (fail), so here is a quick rundown of the things I have been doing:

a) feeling dizzy

b) watching Derren Brown dvds until my eyes fall out.

Despite my ordering four things on the same day, Play have only sent me two of them so far - and another thing I ordered afterwards has already been posted. DDD: Play. I want moar Derren (shut up, I now have no money but I do have many entertainments).

Sadly, the deadline for my [ profile] reel_merlin fic is slooooowly creeping up on me, with nothing being written for it. BUT! I shall rally, I am sure.

(Apologies: I manged to hit enter before posting, so ONLY HALF MY WORDS were posted just then. My brain is obviously not working with me today)

I shall, at some point soon, do a post with a round-up of last year's fic in (I will), but, er, before then there will probably be moar thoughts on Being Human. George! Mitchell! George and Mitchell and Annie!

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Ahem. Please forgive this brief moment of spastic flailing:




All I have to do now is, er, actually get the grades. Whoops?


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How do I manage not to post for so long? It is getting a bit ridiculous. This isn't even a proper post, more a fly-by post, but sometime in the next week there will be something of more substance. Stuff's been a bit manic here recently, and will continue to be for a little while, but but IT IS NEARLY DECEMBER IT IS NEARLY THE CHRISTMAS PERIOD OKAY OKAY I RLY RLY LOVE IT. The Christmas lights are already up here in my town (they're not on or anything - they get turned on on (lol) the first weekend in December - but they're hanging there, one lot connected to my bedroom window on the outside, being all 'season's greetings!' and they make me smiiiiile).


It's Christmas card time again! Basically, I'll be sending them out like last year (they were so much fun to do, seriously), so if anyone would like a Christmas card from me, please leave your address in the comments (they're screened, don't worry). And, like, don't think I don't want to send you one (I get nervous about replying to these posts in case I'm over-estimating how much the person likes me): I heart you all, y'know, and I heart Christmas, so sending you all Christmas cards will make me HAPPY LIKE A CLAM.

Er, so, if you'd like a card, please leave your address, the name I should write on the card (unless you want 'LOLTIEMS982736harhar' on the envelope, which I doubt) and a favourite thing of yours - time, date, colour, type of goldfish scale etc. ~*mysterious-tiems*~

ps: thank you all for not having lj names similar to 'LOLTIEMS98273harhar'
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So somehow I have managed to post for such a ridiculous length of time that my paid account expired and the judgemental thing on the homepage is telling me LAST POSTED 7 WEEKS AGO in what I consider to be an unnecessarily large font size, and I am made of epic fail.

Stuff that has happened in the last 7 weeks, including, GASP, AS results )
In non-real type things, I really need the second half of season 4 BSG.  Also moar Being Human. Preferably soon. ALTHOUGH, okay, how awesome does the BBC autumn/winter schedule look? We've got Tess of the d'Urbervilles, which I really rather like now the whole coursework connotation is done with, and Little Dorrit, and MERLIN, MERLINNNN, which has the propensity to be either really awesomely campily cheesily good or spectacularly bad, and I'll happily watch either to be honest.

Has anyone seen Hellboy 2? I enjoyed it a lottt. Unpronouncable-first-name del Toro is such a good visual director, and his style really makes the sad fairytale/fantasy enthusiast inside me go all giddy, and, like, creatures and big red people going SMASH is always going to be good. Especially with his sidekicks WATERDUDE* and FIRELADY*. YAYE ELEMENTAL SMACKDOWNS.

Last thing: a tad concerned that I need to have done the whole UCAS thing by the 26th September for my sixth form's imposed Oxbridge deadline and I have NO PERSONAL STATEMENT written yet. Whoops. I really need to go read The Iliad (and no more Greek tragedy, god, The Oresteia is just unreadable, except Clytaemnestra is a bit fabulous).

Dinner tiem nao! How have all you lovely people been? Sorry I've been a bit slack on the comment front, I resolve to do better.
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What I want to do: write a big ass post about Laura Roslin in S4 of Battlestar Galactica.

What I have to do: alllllllll the work. It's actually starting to get frakking scary how much I have to do, and how little time I have before the exams.

Back to the grind tomorrow, for now it is dinner and Heroes time (catch-up from Thursday).

Seriously though, I don't know if I can do meta worth half a damn, but Laura makes me want to give it a go. So many thinkings, not enough brain to make them work. D:

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Fly-by post time, and I should BE ASLEEP, god.

- I am (clearly) no longer in Greece: pictures should be coming soon, maybe, and, er, more talkings on this topic. For now, Greece = awesome but Athens was the scariest place, I swear. HOW IS THAT CITY SO BIG? On the top of the Acropolis, I took roughly umpteen zillion pictures of the Vast Sea of Athens because I couldn't quite get over how much city there was. Wows. 

- I WANT BSG S4 RIGHT NOW. I am going a little bit insane. The Americans have seen it. The downloading people have seen it. The UK can (legally) see it next Tuesday, when it is on Sky, but I CAN'T, because my laptop doesn't have enough disc space for me to download it (on a side-note, I have, like, ~600 megabytes left on the C drive, and I'm thinking that's not good) and I don't have Sky. I NEED ME SOME LAURA ROSLIN. 

And can I just say, as I don't remember if I've said this here yet, I am not spoiled for s4 of BSG. Please do not spoil me for anything. Thank you. (are the dvds out yet? plz?)

- I now have a puppy! His name is Morris, and he is a whippet, and if I never have to clean the kitchen floor again from puppy-accidents, it will be Too Soon. I still have a slight phobia of dogs, but I seem to be doing all right with this one. He's grown so much in the two weeks we've had him, it's weird. Also, I really want to wear some proper clothes again (read: clothes I like); having the dog necessitates looking after the dog, which brings me into close contact with skanky dog smell and being chewed and licked by the dog and cleaning up after the dog (ew, though not like that), so I've basically been wearing old, ripped, jeans and some variation on back-of-the-wardrobe, everything-else-is-in-my-suitcase-and-I-need-something-to-wear top, with a giant nasty sweatshirt. Mmm, fetching.

- I have just bought a student railcard (primarily because I'm bumming up for a St. Andrews Open Day in a couple of weeks, and staying with the delightful [profile] missfoxie, hurrah! but also because I plan to go see other people - Maddie, Loz, d'you fancy some Moog-time outside the OT3 gay-up? - during the summer, and, y'know, I'd quite like cheap train fares) and the photo on it makes me look like the undead.

- I just watched Sin City on the tellybox and have only got good praisings to say. :D Moog likes. Lots of voice-over/narration and heavily stylised. ftw!

- Am off to the cinema tomorrow with my mother: we don't actively want to see anything that's on, but we want to go to the cinema (dark, film, chocolate, non-dog-clothes. Yes plz). We're thinking about Son of Rambow, because if not, we're consigned to Awake or 10,000 BC (which I can't stop saying in the voice of Voiceover Dude, you know, like, TEN THOUSAND B.C.), so, er, Son of Rambow y/n?

Sleepy tiem nao. Zzzz.
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Numbered post time! This is the only way I can adequately convey a sense of order and meaning to a post which would otherwise just be disjointed and pointless. Hurrah?

1) That little box on the front page that tells you how long it's been since you last posted is mocking me, I swear to God. How has it been a month? That is impossible (well, er, except for the part where it has actually been a month but shhh logic). 

2) I have now watched BSG season 3, after an inordinately long time of not doing so, and nnnnnngh, I really liked it. I actually prefered it to season 2: I am now a leper, I am aware of that. Here are some thoughts that turned out slightly longer than I was expecting: 

To conclude: LAURA ROSLIN = VERY VERY HOT. The end.

3) I've been spending some Christmas/birthday money recently. New acquisitions include BSG: Razor (which I have yet to see, so shhh your spoilers), Alias s3 and Labyrinth. I have somehow managed to exist for 17 years without seeing David Bowie as the Goblin King (awesomes!), and this must be hastily rectified.

4) ASHES TO ASHES. TOMORROW. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENE. And Keeley Hawes is really really lovely and I heart her.

5) Torchwood is back on our faces! Glee! Here are some thoughts: Hey, I didn't say they were particularly erudite thoughts.

6) I've just finished reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and I feel completely justified in telling you all to GO AND READ IT NOW and begging those of you that have read it to say things about it to me. Must converse about shiny book. I heart Wednesday. Do you heart Wednesday?

7) I'm tired and I hurt and I feel sick, so my diet has consisted of sandwiches and other bland food products for about two weeks now, but I am damn well going to eat some Ben and Jerry's Half Baked, and I don't know whether I should watch Razor, Labyrinth or some Alias with it. Does anyone else eat a whole carton/pint of ice-cream in one sitting or is it just me, oh dear.

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All the things I have eaten today:

- an advent calendar chocolate
- three Celebrations Snickers
- one Celebrations Maltesers
- one Celebrations Milky Way

I am going to eat:

- some chili, with some cheese on it

SOMEONE STOP ME, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. (Feeling very large today)

In other, non-glutinous news, I sent Christmas things off sometime last week, so I assume you should all get them relatively soonish? idk. Blame the post-people, not me. I have done all I can.

ALSO, I think Brideshead Revisited may have stolen my brain and/or my integrity. I got the mini-series for my birthday and have since tried to absorb it into my bloodstream (unsuccessfully D:). Charles and Sebastian make me go UNFG with all their love (and all their touching, it is amazing) and, and
I have also had a bash at writing fic, but it was rubbish and I sent it to [profile] lo0o0ony_lauren who wonderfully reads anything I send at her face. <3 Er, I think that sentence was meant to have some other conclusion, but I have forgotten what.

Anyway. Instead of doing any Classics tonight (ODYSSEUS, JUST PLEASE FUCK OFF), I shall have my chili, watch Oliver Twist and read some Harry/Draco, because that is my wont. Shhh. (Does anyone have any Harry/Draco recs, by the by?)

Did everyone see Oliver Twist last night? How hot was Julian? Very hot. :D Moog approves.
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Obligatory Birthday Post time.

And to you lovely people who wished me birthday glee, thank you all so very much, loverfaces! xxxxx

Grand thanks and praise and glittery sprinkles for Loz and Maddie, both of whom wrote me glorious birthday fics which I shall cherish until the end of time. They can be found here and here, respectively. 

:DD at all of youuu.
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I love the cold and the dark and the festive spirit and the advent calendars and the bit where it's my birthday and Christmas shopping and making Christmas presents and generally December just makes me happy. I swear, this month is like concentrated Moog-month. :D

I have a Malteasers advent calendar. What about you?

I apologise for being somewhat slack re: commenting, I really really do. I'll comment as much as I can when I'm around! Also, those of you expecting Christmas cards, I'm-a posting them two weeks on Monday. Just so you know.

SERIOUSLY say a thing to me, I have been in this house without leaving it all week being rubbish on the sofa and I think my brain might leaking out of my eyes.

Also, I feel like I haven't done a meme thing for a while, so here is this one which I always find fun and pleasing ( I know I've done it before, shhhh, I still like it):
Meme )

(If you comment, tell me if you want me to do the meme or if you'd rather I would just shhh already).
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Today, my mother and I did some Christmas shopping. This involved spending an hour in Toys R Us. I can now say that if I ever hear that Nutcracker music again, someone will die.



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Hello all: this is a fly-by post with little of importance to communicate, la la la.

EXCEPT THAT MY COMPUTER HAS ACTUALLY BLOWN UP. Quite literally, really, seeing as it made a lot of noises like a hob makes between turning the gas on and lighting the ring and then went all black and then made starting up noises and then went BOOMTHWACKCLICKCLICKBRRRR and has since failed to do anything.

So I am computer-less.

I don't like it.

However, there is a light at the end of the computer-less tunnel, because my step-dad is getting a new laptop, which he has just ordered, and when that gets here I get his old one, which I am currently using in sporadic and hastily-grabbed intervals, so then I will be fully restored to computer-status. Which is really a long way for me to say SORRY if I don't comment on any of your entries, but I want to and shall do as soon as I have a computer with unfettered and unjudged access to the gaying again.

And it comes at quite an irritating time, seeing as I have suddenly found myself somewhat head-over-heels in goofy-happy-land with Heroes, which I am watching on the BBC and we are only up to 1x16 so for the love of all that is or was or ever will be holy, please don't spoil me. And who is my favourite character, you ask? Why, Nathan Petrelli. AND NO-ONE UNDERSTANDS THAT WHEN I TELL THEM. I LOVE HIM SHHH. Also also I might like Nathan/Peter a little bit oh god I am sick and wrong. I am so ashamed that it gets to be both small-text and strike-out-ed. I am trying my best to stay away from fandom until the first season has completely aired, so I don't inadvertantly spoil myself, but it's really difficult. Easier, I suppose, without instant computer access if my resolve weakens, but still.

I am also still languishing ineptly in the land of M.E., nnnnnngh, but never mind, I endeavor to stay happy and active so that's all fine.

I wish to say a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOMG HURRAH to [profile] lo0o0ony_lauren, who turned 17 on Sunday and whose present shall be appearing here upon the interwebs as soon as it is finished and I have computer access properly again.

Is it just me, or is really difficult to get used to typing on a laptop keyboard when you've been used to a computer one? THE KEYS DON'T GO DOWN ENOUGH OR MAKE THE APPROPRIATE TYPING CLICKS. What? I like the noise of a computer keyboard. 

The upshot of this rambling inanity is: oh God, someone please say something interesting to me so I don't die of restricted gaying.

PS: I love you allllllllll. I just felt I should say it. How are you all? What have you all been doing?
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 Tra la la la, off to Spain tomorrow.

Just to say that I'm not dead or ignorez-vousing anyone if I don't reply to a) texts, b) emails or c) comments until next Sunday (LOZZZZ THAT DATE IS SIGNIFICANT, NO?), but that is because I shall be in the Land of Spain and away from the internet.

This, somewhat unhelpfully, ties in with the only time in the history of ever that I have work to do for school that actually requires reading Livejournal a lot. Original writing coursework, how I love thee.

Have fun and jolly japes whilst I am gone! I heart you alllllll.
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- I am still alive, contrary to all internet activity (i.e. none) suggesting otherwise.

- Have been ill for aaaages now (bleugh), am now back at school for three-day weeks, am also trying to keep up with friends-list again.

- I fear, however, if I attempt to tackle my friends-list of the last three weeks, I might drown in entries, so, er, do please link me to anything you've posted and would like me to see, or have seen and liked, or, or, idk, anything else.

- AS-levels are most enjoyable: full to the brim of Working McWorking-face, but I love all my subjects and I wouldn't change them, so that's all fine.

-  My paid account died while I was being ill, and I have no money to replenish its glorious icon status of 30-something until November, so I apologise for only have 6 icons to shove in your faces when posting/commenting. 

- I feel all Christmassy, for no explicable reason: I think it's because I've been thinking to songs that I listened to pretty much on repeat for the whole of the Christmas season last year, and, er, making a Christmas list to give to my dad (he always asks for them astoundinly early), but still. CHRISTMAS IN LESS THAN THREE MONTHS WHAT.

- OH GOD I WANT ORDER OF THE PHOENIX ON DVD SO MUCH. I'm in a real Potter mood, for what reasons idk, but I am, and I can't watch Prisoner of Azkaban again or my eyes might bleed, despite my insane and overpowering love for it (it remains my favourite of the films) and I've never really liked Goblet of Fire in either of its book-y/film-y incarnations, and, and, there's a fic I've written based on the movie-timeline rather than the book-timeline, which is bad, I know, but I have done and I want to re-write it and clean it up a bit and for this I need to see the film. Is it November 12 yet?

- I've been re-(re-re-re-re)reading [personal profile] shoebox_project. Everyone else should be doing so too.

- This happened to me in Latin today:

MOOG: *writing down Latin*
TEACHER: Blah blah tangential-cakes
MOOG: (thinking) La la la, I love Remus and Sirius, la la la, Marauder-era wins at everything, la la la, gay gay gay boys
TEACHER: (at very high volume) MARAUDERS!! MARAUDERS I TELL YOU...
MOOG: (still thinking) *sitting bolt upright*  !!!! HE CAN READ MY MIND OH GOOD GOD.
TEACHER: the translation of that word.
MOOG: *collapses back to desk*

Er, I haven't really said anything of any interest here, have I? Nnngh, I apologise. Must endeavor to do something useful for friends-list in the near future. Much love for you all, you lovely lovely people.
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I felt that I had not really illustrated my point too well re: Mac/Caroline in that last post of flailing.

Thus, a ridiculously large picspam of that kiss I highlighted as being my favourite. Because I can. And who doesn't like looking at Julian Rhind-Tutt kissing Tamsin Greig, really.

Yes, every one of those vastly different caps was necessary for inclusion and worth of photoshop tweaking to pull out even more pretty.

And seeing as I don't seem to be adverse to spending an hour or so of my life capping and tweaking attractive moments from Green Wing (and, really, who would be?)...I may or may not spam you some more this week.

I may be writing Ed Byrne/Julian Rhind-Tutt, someone help me.
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I just made an omelette!

And ate it!

And it was quite nice!


(Anyone who has ever witnessed me in a kitchen will know that this is nothing short of a miracle.)

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'Why is your tea so much less murderous than my tea?' says:

(all these moe awesome people scare me with their goodness)

Lozalang says:

(I used to be scared of the moepeoples, but I reckon they're more scared of us than we are of them. like spiders, and toast.)

'Why is your tea so much less murderous than my tea?' says:

(moes are scared of toast?)

Lozalang says:

(no, toast is more scared of us)

Lozalang says:

(OBVIOUSLY. honestly, moog, that makes MUCH more sense!)

'Why is your tea so much less murderous than my tea?' says:

(oh, yes, I see now the error of my ways. I shall have to be more considerate next time I use the toaster.)
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It appears that I have managed to return from the House in the Middle of Nowhere relatively unscathed, read-out (not there is such a state of being) and slightly Potter-enthused, although I suppose that's a slightly common affliction right now.

So, hello.

Okay, so I've talked waaaay too much in this post. Also, I think I've managed to catch up with most of my friends list, but if I've missed anything you'd rather I hadn't (I know I got to skip=200, so, er, forgive me if I got slack at some point), please tell me!

I'll be going to my aunt's on Thursday, for about a week, so I'll be around a bit but not a lot (contactable by email always!) and then the week after I'm going to stay with [profile] strangeumbrella for a few days (pleeeeease don't let the floods have done anything to that particular stretch of railways, pleeeeeease) and then when I come back, I'm going to see Tilda Swinton give a talk at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

TILDA SWINTON, in case you missed that.

Oh, happy times for all.

PS: I just set my mood for this post and the picture made me cry.


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