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Why is it so difficult for me to remember to update this thing? Fnar. It's not like I don't spend the majority of my internet time on livejournal. Anyway.

I recently reorganised my memories and thought I'd share a few of the things in there, so you know what I'm looking at and I can have a pretty post with pictures and links! I've broken it down into categories - People, Fandoms, and Fic. There was going to be some Random Goodness too, but the entry got too long so I'll save that for another post! Of course, all the fun can be found here!

People and Pretty )

Fandom Related Goodness )

Fic )

So, that was a brief (ha!) trip through my lj-memories. I hope you enjoyed, looked at pretty, clicked on some links and maybe looked at something you hadn't seen before. I made both icons used and found the pictures used in my folders, so I can't remember where they all came from! If you see something you need credit for, tell me and I will do so!

I hope you enjoyed!
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I have typed up the first of the fics I wrote while I was on holiday, and it happens to be for [ profile] cecile_volanges but I hope everyone else enjoys too!

It stars Pamela Flitton, Miranda's character from A Dance to the Music of Time who happens to look like this. Anyway, there are spoilers for Dance to the Music of Time in this, at the end, but only (I think) for what happens to Pamela.

Title: Ever the Changeling
Rating: I don't crap at this. PG-13/R. There's sex, both m/f and f/f. Not much else that could offend anyone!
Disclamer: Pamela isn't mine. Sadly. Though I could think of good uses for her! ;)
Word Count: 696
Summary: "No-one ever knew quite how to describe Pamela Flitton."
A/N: I think the tenses go a tad weird somewhere in this and I'm not quite happy with the first paragraph and I'm always wary when I write sex...but otherwise please just enjoy and comment! I love comments.

Ever the Changeling...Pamela Flitton )

Pretty please comment. It will bring a smile to my face...and you know you want to make me smile!

Cross-posted to [ profile] miranda_fans.

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Just watched Merlin's Apprentice. Well. What is there to say?

Warning - this will be long and ranty.

I'll say it under a cut - spoilers! )

I need to do a real-life entry now and I'll post this on [ profile] miranda_fans so sorry if you get this twice!
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Gideon's Daughter. There are no words that I can use to describe the sheer genius and beauty and truth to it. Miranda....ohh, Miranda was just honest and masterful and...

I need to sleep now. Coherent reviewing tomorrow. Every single person that reads this needs to buy the dvd. I don't care how, they just have to see it.
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"She's one of Britain's favourite actresses, but isn't sure how she got there, or where to go next (India maybe?)...

Andrew Duncan searches for the real Miranda Richardson"

I type up reams and reams of Miranda interview from the Radio Times.

The Mystery That Is Miranda )

Interviews both from 'Radio Times', February 21st, 2006.
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is interview of love with Miranda.

I had forgotten just how much I adore her. She is love. She's so wonderful in interviews. She's just expressive and her clothes are wonderful (I need the jewellery she's wearing. I just need it.) and she knows what she wants to say without being abrasive. Ohhh. Much, much love.

Gideon's Daughter needs to be here, now. Also on that site, there's a clip of it with Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt and I love them all. *happy sigh*

And it's the baftas tonight! For you poor people who won't be able to watch it, I'll scribble stuff down while it's on and then type up a post about it. Miranda must go omg.

That'll be up later then!


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