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That is quite a blatant lie regarding this post: I have more than one thing to say.

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So, er, it can't be just me that watched The Sound of Drums and went 'Holy God', because HELLO, David Tennant and John Barrowman and John Simm on the same screen and, er, adhbfhgfnb.

It led to me writing this, which is quite probably the porniest thing I have ever written and will be totally knocked out of any remote plausibility on Saturday, but I really don't care, because it was so much hot hot hotness wonderment to write. I think I might have broken the Doctor a little bit. He may be out of character. THEY MAY ALL BE WRONG I AM SORRY BUT LOOK PORN.

Title: Above Them, The Sky Is Burning
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: High R (I don't know what constitutes an NC17, but, er, there's porn here)
Pairing: Master/Doctor/Jack
Word Count: 2565
Disclaimer: No characters are mine, or DW would be on a lot later at night. The BBC > me.
Summary: Set after SoD (hee hee, 'sod'omy. LOOK LOOK CANON GAY SEX.). Sexings. Slightly dark. Dom/sub/sub-ish. Ish to the extreme, in fact. Jack and the Doctor are put in neighbouring cells.

Mr. Saxon, Jack reminds himself, because dominance within one's own head becomes all important when one is locked away )
Is it Saturday yet?
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First of all: (in which I abuse capslock and my mother makes wonderful drunk comments)

I want Christopher Eccleston back as my Doctor now, plzkthx.

And while I'm ranting about Doctor Who, what ever happened to the script quality? It was like they decided to go from this intelligent, moving, well-acted genius first come-back series to this abysmal heap of shite that was thought too much of itself, not thought through enough and just not what I had come to expect.

Third series, you have damn well got some making up to do to me.

On a completely unrelated note: I just spell-checked this thing, and where I've written 'whassisname', the spell-check is offering me 'viciousness'. I think not.
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It's Valentine's Day. This usually means it is time for me to shun the world and embrace the Mars Bars. Today, it means that I am going to give you a picspam of five fictional couples that have meant something great to me.

And to all of you wonderful people on my friends list, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! You are all lovely and brilliant! *hands out cookies*

Screw Valentine's cards. Have a picspam with nonsensical ramblings instead!
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Why is it so difficult for me to remember to update this thing? Fnar. It's not like I don't spend the majority of my internet time on livejournal. Anyway.

I recently reorganised my memories and thought I'd share a few of the things in there, so you know what I'm looking at and I can have a pretty post with pictures and links! I've broken it down into categories - People, Fandoms, and Fic. There was going to be some Random Goodness too, but the entry got too long so I'll save that for another post! Of course, all the fun can be found here!

People and Pretty )

Fandom Related Goodness )

Fic )

So, that was a brief (ha!) trip through my lj-memories. I hope you enjoyed, looked at pretty, clicked on some links and maybe looked at something you hadn't seen before. I made both icons used and found the pictures used in my folders, so I can't remember where they all came from! If you see something you need credit for, tell me and I will do so!

I hope you enjoyed!
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Sundays are nasty things, but I have chosen to ignore this and the Classics coursework I need to do in order to present people with this!

Things that make me happy right now - with pictures! )

I don't know what those pictures will do to my layout! Never mind, just ignore any ick.
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Quick entry before I go sleep:

Paid account has returned! After only about a week/10 days of coping with 6 icons, I threw a hissy fit and paid for more paid time. Ah, 30 icons, how life is better with you.

Also, my mother ordered Richard E Grant's Wah-Wah Diaries for me today, and I'm going to keep it as something to look forward to after the exams. Three fabulous things in one book; Miranda, Richard (who is such a darling and I have seen in real life - my God, he is tall!) and sarcastic wit and (ok, four things) film making goodness. *happy*

Um, yes. About exams. They are next week, and have I revised? Noooo.

On a last note - DOCTOR WHO IS BACK!! HAHA! There are no words for much I fell for this last year - seriously - and this year I have been sucked back into it. And David Tennant? Is walking sex. There will be pictures to document this later. And without giving too much away for people who avoid spoilers (for School Reunion, last Saturday's episode here in the UK) - my God, how pretty, well-acted angst draws me to people. See my icon for this entry for that...

And now I shall sleep. Sleep is good. Especially when my stupid body gave me under 7 hours of it last night.


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