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This post is likely to be large: apologies.

These BSG picspams will not end until someone yells at me for them to stop or I have finished capping/spamming everyone with the whole season. Just so you all know.

Again, screencaps are my own and I faffed about with them in Photoshop to make them a bit lighter / prettier / more colourful / easier to see.

Laura Roslin centred, as always. This one may be less about the plot and more about my incessant fangirling and squee because...well, this episode provoked lots of the squee. Spoilers for this episode, probably.

Enjoy? Not enjoy? Let me know.
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The plan with these Battlestar picspams was to do one for each disc, thereby limiting myself to four picspams and taking up less room on your friend list thingies. However, when I came to cap the first episode - I ended up with more caps than I did for the ENTIRE MINI-SERIES. In perspective - more caps from 42 minutes or so than from 3 whole hours. Yeah.

I feel it is my duty to warn you all that the next few entries (apart from my last [profile] digitalart100 thing) will most likely be BSG centred. In particular, Laura Roslin centred. You have been warned. If you're not a fan of this, you have three options: 

1 - Ignore them all (which will make me sad)
2 - Look at them for the pretty and the snark (which there will most likely be)
3 - Buy the mini-series so you know who I'm talking about (it costs about £6 and you know it's worth it!)

So, of course, there will be spoilers for the particular BSG episode in each picspam. You have been warned. Today, it is the turn of 33.

The new rich-text editor is quite scary, isn't it? I've never used it before...

These screencaps have been cleaned up and made easier to see in Photoshop. Screencaps are my own. 

Was this fun too? Will these start getting dull if I do too many of them?
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Sundays are nasty things, but I have chosen to ignore this and the Classics coursework I need to do in order to present people with this!

Things that make me happy right now - with pictures! )

I don't know what those pictures will do to my layout! Never mind, just ignore any ick.


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