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It is the birthday of the lovely Maddie ( [profile] strangeumbrella) and as such I bring appropriate gifts for the wonderness of ukulele Maddie, as she is known to my mother (my mother is odd, but nice).


Also, birthday fic for  [profile] strangeumbrellaas well, because I thought she might like it. This is true, Y/N?

Title: Something's Afoot
Fandom: Life On Mars
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Rating: PG13, for swearings
Disclaimer: Life On Mars =/= mine. BBC > Me. Is that enough mathematical signs to convince people that I own nothing?
Word Count:
There's something strange going on...and Gene is not happy. Er, fluffy crack. I've not written happy!Life On Mars before, but, er, here it is.

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Anyway. Seeing as my brain refuses to leave me the hell alone, I thought you lovelies might like some more fic (if you're not all sick of my rubbish spilling out on to the interwebs by now, as you should be).

Title: Definitions are Complicated
Fandom: Life On Mars
Pairing: Sam/Gene (...ish) and some slight implied Sam/Annie (shh, not the straight pairing!)
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 1111
Disclaimer: Not miiiiine. BBC > me. I have nothing, I make no money, don't sue me.
Summary: Set after 1x06, and Sam is coping by...not.
A/N: WHY CAN'T I WRITE GENE? WHY? And now Sam is turning on me too, and in general, grrr.

And now to revise for Religious.
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Shh, this is clearly not another fic sneaking onto my journal except it totally is.

Okay, issues I have with this one (because it would obviously be far too easy for me to actually like something I wrote without having any problems with it, even though I rather like this one a bit more than most): Sam has suddenly become not-Sam-like, Gene is still not Gene-like and FUCK OFF TENSES.

God, when did I become illiterate?

Anyway. I guess this is my attempt at 'post LOM fic', and it took me a while before I could think about our boys without weeping like a child (I still can't, but shhh).

Title: And the Reasons We Have
Rating: PG
Fandom: Life On Mars
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Word Count: 733
Disclaimer: Characters not mine. NOTHING IS MINE, OKAY? The BBC > me.
Summary: Sam tries to explain something, and Gene might listen. Spoilers for 2x08.

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A few things:

1) It was far too hot today, and it's only April. God help me for the rest of the summer.

2) Does anyone else have problems with those things that are supposed to recognise you when you wave your hand in front of them, and then the toilet flushes or the tap comes on or  the shower comes on, you know, one of those things? The showers in the swimming pool here refuse to believe I exist. I end up standing before them shouting 'I AM A LIFE FORM, RECOGNISE MY EXISTENCE SO I CAN WASH MY HAIR, DAMN YOU'.

3) The following exchange just took place:

ME: Which episode of Life On Mars should I watch tonight?
MOTHER: What about the last one?
MOTHER: ....
ME: I mean, I think I've seen that one too recently.

Now I go to watch 2x07, with an easter egg. Yums.
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Right, I'm aware that this is bordering on the spammy, but I want to now actually say things about Life On Mars and I want to keep them separate from my explosion in the post below.

Also, if you think it will be calm and free from italics and capslock, you are very wrong.

On a slightly different note, I need to see more of Philip Glenister and John Simm. Any recommendations?
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I am quite obviously not sitting here in tears over the approaching end of Life On Mars, and what may happen.

Of course not.

*weeps like a child*

I'm also kicking myself for not buying the dvds of the second series while they were dirt cheap on Play, because now I can't afford them as well as buying birthday presents for my friends, who all appear to have been born in a big mad rush of companionship for me in the next couple of months (yes, I know that sounded amazingly ego-centric. It wasn't supposed to.).

To distract me, and hopefully stop me crying for a little while, let's play Stump the Writer! Snerched from [profile] misplacedmarble.

Stump the writer!

A -- Go to the lists of my fic and pick out a line or three from one of my stories. (Must be a full line, please -- no sentence fragments or speech tags or other such nonsense.)
B -- I will respond with which story of mine I think it's from.
C -- A drabble to anyone who stumps me.

All my fics can be found archived here, in my memories.
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Don't think I'll be able to cope, people. You will have to sit through flail and denial and wibblings and holy God, I don't want it to end.
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Had a lovely weekend with [profile] missfoxie and now my head hurts, the lighting in my room has gone all to hell and Life On Mars is leaving me tomorrow.

So, I wrote vague porn with lots of staring at Gene. I hope no-one minds.

Title: Denial is a Kind of Lucidity
Rating: R, but not WOAH PORN. Just...a little bit of porn.
Fandom: Life On Mars
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine, OR THEY WOULDN'T BE LEAVING ME TOMORROW OH GOD.
Summary: There are ways of being insane and there are ways of not thinking about it.
A/N: The beginning is a little not great, in my opinion, but I quite like this by the end. Absolutely no spoilers for any episode, I am unspoiled for tomorrow and I wish to stay that way.

Look, I have a suitable icon now! Took me long enough.
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Oh, God, how will I cope when this show has ended? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

I know I've not updated for ages. I could have just put random entries in here, and a few times I was going to, but I wanted to spare you all my whinings about my legs and dull little observations on my daily life.

It is Easter now, though. Don't think you'll escape while I have revision to do free time.

Today, we visited Rheged (random little place built under a big rock/grass thing in the Lake District), and I bought some chocolate (which I ate today, even though I'm supposed to be trying to lose weight - hey, I needed the emotional support for this episode) and also some PAPER. Seriously, you have no idea how happy buying stationary makes me. It's a little pathetic. There's this shop called The Paper Mill Shop, and you could fill this box with paper/card for £4. I have lots of paper. I'm happy now.

All I want now are some halfway decent felt tips - yes, I know, but I want them for revision: I'm trying to just plaster my room with the things I need to remember and then see if looking at them without having to concentrate on it will help me absorb anything any better.

Do any of you have any revision-type tips?

Anyway, there should be fic coming over these holidays. Lovely, lovely fic.

( [profile] missfoxie,I will see you on Friday!)
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"I'm going to say this again, only slightly louder."

Bwahahaha, Gene.

Tonight was good. More thoughts some time when it isn't nearly sleep-o-clock, but I just wanted to remember those two lines.

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I've just spent the last hour alternating between having my hands clutched over my mouth, pausing the television from sheer anxiety, hiding under the blanket and SCREECHING at the television.

I can't watch the last episode of Series One tonight, like I planned.

I want to avoid having a heart attack.
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I was talking to my mother about Life On Mars today, and she said she liked it but the constant fighting between Sam and Gene spoiled it for her. I was agog with disbelief for a very long time. And then I told her she was wrong.

Anyway, this has been floating around half-formed in my brain since Tuesday, and I'm still finding it sodding impossible to write Gene. Damn him except not, because yaye Gene.

Title: Of Life and Death and Bombs
Fandom: Life On Mars
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1081
Summary: Set near the end of 2x03. Therefore, spoilers for 2x03. Kind of a scene (that should have been there, but never mind) that my mind inserted in there, with lovely slashy goodness.
A/N: I still can't write Gene. I'm still not sure I can write Sam. Gene is so very not-Gene to me that I panic, so someone please tell me if I should be panicking! Um, these characters aren't mine. I'm borrowing them for no money. That's devotion

Yes, I'm aware I've posted too much fic lately. I'm sorry!

By the way, Thorntons mini-eggs are things of beauty.
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More television-ness:

Seriously. How did I live without these programmes?

I'm glad you all liked your Five Things lists! They were monumentally fun to write.

Also, the spell-check is telling me that it doesn't like 'programme'. I am torn between being ashamed and thinking I may actually be right: someone please tell me how to spell it properly?
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I did not mean to write this. Also, I'm not sure whether I like it or not. I wrote it for [personal profile] rionaleonhart, who requested it in a roundabout way, and so I found myself writing this instead of revising for a test on the Aeneid.

Not that I minded! Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine, I make no money from any of this and, um, don't sue me, please.

Title: Paper Cuts and Ponderings
Rating: PG
Fandom: Life On Mars
Pairing: Gene/Woolf (if you read it like that) and I suppose you could read Sam/Gene in there.
Word Count: 503
Summary: An aftermath, and Sam tries to work through it. Spoilers for 2x02

There's a line in there that might not actually be, I excuse this by saying I haven't actually seen the first series. If nothing jars when you read it though, I am okay! There is no problem!
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I feel I need to do something of a televisual round-up of recent days. This will involve fangirling, excessive use of italics and also a little bit of capslock. You have been warned! 

Plus, spoilers for both episodes of things, made clear in the lj-cuts.

I want a Life On Mars icon now. And a Top Gear icon.

Are you all having a good week?
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This is for 

[profile] strangeumbrella, who made me watch Life On Mars to begin with (and is generally awesome - and I think she has an ukulele show or something now or soon, so good luck with that!) and then wrote the most brilliant fic that I glued my nose to during the writing of this, my attempt, which will completely not be as good (but I hope she likes it anyway).

Gene is very, very difficult to write and refuses to stay in character, and I have issues with beginnings and middles and ends,, okay, this emerged somehow. ALSO I am really really bad at knowing which phrases were used in which decade, so there's a bit that might jar and I should really stop tearing this thing to pieces before you all gather your sanity and flee.

General disclaimer: these characters are not mine. I get no money. No to me being sued, thanks.

Title: Oh, the corners and the stars.
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Life On Mars
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Word count: 1082
Summary: 'If this is all in his mind, he thinks, he must be crazier than he thought'' many of you actually watch Life On Mars?


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