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Yes, I am allowed to be childishly delighted by the snow. It is lovely. Lovely snow. Snoooow.


I thought I'd do that thing where you list the fic you've written over the last year. I don't know if any of you reading this read everything I wrote, or indeed wanted to read any of it, but I'll make the list because I am filling time for posterity anyways, and, idk, maybe there's something here for someone to spend five minutes reading or something. Also, some of this was just posted on a community and not here, so, er, this can be a place to find non-here fic? idk. Shhh me.

All the spoiler warnings, etc, are at the start of these fics, so you shouldn't be accidently spoiled. Ones with a star next to them are ones I am particularly pleased with, for whatever reason.

Also, I'm thinking about buying the Sally Lockhart books: should I? I really like Philip Pullman, and I feel terribly bad about watching the tv adaptations without having read the books, so, er, yes. And on this note, does anyone have any book/tv/film recommendations along the lines of rolilcking period drama - such as, idk, the Sally Lockharts, the Lucifer Box books, The Prestige, Tipping the Velvet, Dracula. You know, meaty plot, less repressed romance and more hansom cab drama - not that I don't like the repressed romance (I do, a lot), I'm just in the mood for, er, Rollicking Period Drama Frivoling.

THIS ENTRY WAS SO VERY RUBBISH. Here is a picture of Gary Oldman sexing it up as Dracula to make everything better:

ajkgbbkjbbksjkjb, is what I have to say to that.
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I felt that I had not really illustrated my point too well re: Mac/Caroline in that last post of flailing.

Thus, a ridiculously large picspam of that kiss I highlighted as being my favourite. Because I can. And who doesn't like looking at Julian Rhind-Tutt kissing Tamsin Greig, really.

Yes, every one of those vastly different caps was necessary for inclusion and worth of photoshop tweaking to pull out even more pretty.

And seeing as I don't seem to be adverse to spending an hour or so of my life capping and tweaking attractive moments from Green Wing (and, really, who would be?)...I may or may not spam you some more this week.

I may be writing Ed Byrne/Julian Rhind-Tutt, someone help me.
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I was watching Green Wing today. (What follows has spoilers for, er, the whole shebang, just to warn people who are staying away from GW spoilers for whatever reason).

Er, in non-Green Wing related stuff:

- I have a tub of Ben and Jerry's 'Half Baked' ice-cream in the freezer, waiting for me.

- My mother bought me the first season of Grey's Anatomy (my guilty pleasure show, shh) on dvd, which I shall watch with the aforementioned ice-cream

- Tomorrow, I attempt to make an omelette for dinner.

- Does anyone know why the UK and the US differ on the length of Grey's Anatomy's first season? The US sells it as nine episodes long (the original first season) while the UK sticks the first five episodes of the second season in the first season boxset. Hmmm.


- You remember those fic requests you all made back in June? Yeah, I'm going to try and get through those before next Friday, so keep an eye out!

- I'm going to try and re-vamp this journal over the next week, in that I want to have a header, damn it, and I've got the time on my hands this week to try and make that happen. Any tips/advice?

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I feel I should stop posting about random real life rubbish and give you lovely people less dire to read, seeing as you're all so wonderfully awesome to me.

So here are two completely non-reality based things: 

ETA: Er, now with correct layouting. Thanks, lj, for screwing me around.


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