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Right, second to last [ profile] digitalart100 post otherwise I may die.

Claim - Love Bars: 20/25 (because 50 would kill me dead)
Themes - Inside (2), Rumours (10)
[2] Themed
[3] Artist's Choice
This post: 5 Love Bars

Not sure what counts as spoilers and what doesn't; in here there are love bars for Amelie, BSG mini-series Roslin, Gillian Anderson, the Tenth Doctor and Rita Skeeter, so don't look if you know you're a spoiler purist and something might be ruined!

Love know the drill )

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Aaand here we have five more [ profile] digitalart100 love bars.

Seriously, my deadline is Friday and I have made 15 of 50. And that was with effort and squeezing them into time gaps. I may have to go grovel for a) an extension or b) to be let off and allowed to make 25 instead of 50. Gah, I hate letting people down but I've been so busy with all the exams/coursework/teh ill. *panic*

Claim - Love Bars: 15/50
Themes - Going out of my mind (18), God (12)
[2] Themed
[3] Artist's Choice
5 Love Bars

Previous [ profile] digitalart100 entries are below:

First Batch
Second Batch

Anyway. Enough of the woe and onto the love bars. ) Linked to this at [ profile] digitalart100 so if you have both me and the community friended, you may see this twice! Enjoy.
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I have done it! Five new pieces for the [ profile] digitalart100 love bar thing I'm doing.

Love Bars - 10/50 (Overall)
Themes: Multi-fandom, simple and sad (angst so counts as sad ;) )
[2]Artist's Choice
5 Love Bars

Previous [ profile] digitalart100 entry of mine, with 5 pretty love bars of all it's own, can be found HERE!!

Love Bar Goodness!! )
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First entry with stuff for the [ profile] digitalart100 thing that I'm doing.

Love Bars - 5/50
Themes: Alone, lost, black and white, lyrical
[2]Artist's Choice
5 Love Bars

No preview this time, because I think they're too big for that and I don't know how to re-size things!!

Follow me to the digital art! )


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