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Lolol I have so many other things I should actually be doing right now. But! In true Moog-style, I shall completely ignore them in favour of twatting about on the internets. Join me in procrastination as I do that Five Things meme, from [ profile] lovestories. If you want to play, comment and I shall think of questions to throw at your faces.

(spoilers for Being Human episodes aired so far, but reeeeeally mild ones, and in picture form)

Why do I always write so much for these things, what. (unexpectedly image-heavy) )

Well, that was a bit longer than expected.

On a different note, does anyone know where I might find myself a League of Gentlemen moodtheme?
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Numbered post time! This is the only way I can adequately convey a sense of order and meaning to a post which would otherwise just be disjointed and pointless. Hurrah?

1) That little box on the front page that tells you how long it's been since you last posted is mocking me, I swear to God. How has it been a month? That is impossible (well, er, except for the part where it has actually been a month but shhh logic). 

2) I have now watched BSG season 3, after an inordinately long time of not doing so, and nnnnnngh, I really liked it. I actually prefered it to season 2: I am now a leper, I am aware of that. Here are some thoughts that turned out slightly longer than I was expecting: 

To conclude: LAURA ROSLIN = VERY VERY HOT. The end.

3) I've been spending some Christmas/birthday money recently. New acquisitions include BSG: Razor (which I have yet to see, so shhh your spoilers), Alias s3 and Labyrinth. I have somehow managed to exist for 17 years without seeing David Bowie as the Goblin King (awesomes!), and this must be hastily rectified.

4) ASHES TO ASHES. TOMORROW. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENE. And Keeley Hawes is really really lovely and I heart her.

5) Torchwood is back on our faces! Glee! Here are some thoughts: Hey, I didn't say they were particularly erudite thoughts.

6) I've just finished reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and I feel completely justified in telling you all to GO AND READ IT NOW and begging those of you that have read it to say things about it to me. Must converse about shiny book. I heart Wednesday. Do you heart Wednesday?

7) I'm tired and I hurt and I feel sick, so my diet has consisted of sandwiches and other bland food products for about two weeks now, but I am damn well going to eat some Ben and Jerry's Half Baked, and I don't know whether I should watch Razor, Labyrinth or some Alias with it. Does anyone else eat a whole carton/pint of ice-cream in one sitting or is it just me, oh dear.

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Fan Fiction Reviewing - What I will be doing. (Open for additions, even now! )

Obviously my fan fiction matters to you all! Just in case you wanted to know what I'm doing, you can looky here.
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Haven't updated for a while I think. Or maybe I have, I don't know. Anyway, this entry won't be long. Just to say that I made a new Tilda!Witch icon, which you can see if you click to leave a comment (cunningly, this makes everyone go onto the comment page!).

In other news, I handed in the chemistry coursework of dooooooooom today. I do not want to get the grade for that. Failure. Much of that. My English teacher is being huffy because she can't find anything to poke holes at in my original writing coursework and my Maths teacher? HATES ME. Ok, she came up to get my maths homework off me and she said "Maths". I mean, what the hell does that mean?? We were in a Maths lesson! Honestly. Gah.

Fandom related note: Alias? Mine forever. I'm trying to keep Season 2 pretty much untouched until half term (2 WEEKS!! HEE! Freedom!) so that a) I have something to watch and b) I don't go stir crazy and spend money I don't have on Alias season 3. Or 4. Or both. It seems to be working, but I want Iriiiina. Will content myself with angsty/alcholic!Jack. Poor baby.

Also need to keep the money for when Goblet of Fire comes out on dvd (Miranda!! Lucius and his swishy, swishy hair!) so cannot afford to buy new things. Which is bad, because I know I'll want more Alias and I know I'll want Scrubs Season 3 and then I want House and then I many, many things.

Oooh, this is a bit long to not have a cut thing. Sorry for the cluttering of the friends pages!

*blows kisses*


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