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Haven't updated for a while I think. Or maybe I have, I don't know. Anyway, this entry won't be long. Just to say that I made a new Tilda!Witch icon, which you can see if you click to leave a comment (cunningly, this makes everyone go onto the comment page!).

In other news, I handed in the chemistry coursework of dooooooooom today. I do not want to get the grade for that. Failure. Much of that. My English teacher is being huffy because she can't find anything to poke holes at in my original writing coursework and my Maths teacher? HATES ME. Ok, she came up to get my maths homework off me and she said "Maths". I mean, what the hell does that mean?? We were in a Maths lesson! Honestly. Gah.

Fandom related note: Alias? Mine forever. I'm trying to keep Season 2 pretty much untouched until half term (2 WEEKS!! HEE! Freedom!) so that a) I have something to watch and b) I don't go stir crazy and spend money I don't have on Alias season 3. Or 4. Or both. It seems to be working, but I want Iriiiina. Will content myself with angsty/alcholic!Jack. Poor baby.

Also need to keep the money for when Goblet of Fire comes out on dvd (Miranda!! Lucius and his swishy, swishy hair!) so cannot afford to buy new things. Which is bad, because I know I'll want more Alias and I know I'll want Scrubs Season 3 and then I want House and then I many, many things.

Oooh, this is a bit long to not have a cut thing. Sorry for the cluttering of the friends pages!

*blows kisses*


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