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All the things I have eaten today:

- an advent calendar chocolate
- three Celebrations Snickers
- one Celebrations Maltesers
- one Celebrations Milky Way

I am going to eat:

- some chili, with some cheese on it

SOMEONE STOP ME, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. (Feeling very large today)

In other, non-glutinous news, I sent Christmas things off sometime last week, so I assume you should all get them relatively soonish? idk. Blame the post-people, not me. I have done all I can.

ALSO, I think Brideshead Revisited may have stolen my brain and/or my integrity. I got the mini-series for my birthday and have since tried to absorb it into my bloodstream (unsuccessfully D:). Charles and Sebastian make me go UNFG with all their love (and all their touching, it is amazing) and, and
I have also had a bash at writing fic, but it was rubbish and I sent it to [profile] lo0o0ony_lauren who wonderfully reads anything I send at her face. <3 Er, I think that sentence was meant to have some other conclusion, but I have forgotten what.

Anyway. Instead of doing any Classics tonight (ODYSSEUS, JUST PLEASE FUCK OFF), I shall have my chili, watch Oliver Twist and read some Harry/Draco, because that is my wont. Shhh. (Does anyone have any Harry/Draco recs, by the by?)

Did everyone see Oliver Twist last night? How hot was Julian? Very hot. :D Moog approves.
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Obligatory Birthday Post time.

And to you lovely people who wished me birthday glee, thank you all so very much, loverfaces! xxxxx

Grand thanks and praise and glittery sprinkles for Loz and Maddie, both of whom wrote me glorious birthday fics which I shall cherish until the end of time. They can be found here and here, respectively. 

:DD at all of youuu.


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