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Soooo, I passed a French test with full marks! *is vair vair proud*

On teh proudness subject, I came runner-up in that writing competition thing! 33,000 people entered it and there were only 500 runners-up and 7 main winners that got their work published, but I get a fluffy/light-up pen for my efforts! *is still proud* My mother worked it out that 1.5% of people that entered got a prize.

I've finished Bleak House (the book) now... and I really want to go shriek about it on here, but I'm going to make Meredithy watch it (the tv adaptation) in January when she gets it on her American channels so I can't. But OMG!!

And Gilly will do such a wonderful job as Lady Dedlock...the promos for it are on the BBC channels now and I die of lust/love/admiration/everything else possible for her and she looks like she'll be perfection acting wise. Again. In the little promo thing, she faints and I shriek "Why teh hell is no-one catching her?!?!" Every single magazine I've read that has an article on it (ok, so the same magazine mentioned this point in several different ways. Eeeee!!) has talked about her being the stand-out performance and excellent etc, so I'm hoping for a BAFTA for her for it. If that made sense ::)

Anyway, must go, need to make fan-girly bookmark ;)


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