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Right, I have done two exams this week and now I learn the lovely Vergil (no doubt this process will be peppered of plenty of hate for Dido).

And instead of spamming you all with fic, I decided to do a Eurovision entry! (This is in no way copying [personal profile] rionaleonhart. Nooo.)

Beyond the cut, there lies the songs I liked (I say liked. I mean liked more than the other rubbish).

Eurovision, of course, is the Eurovision Song Contest, in which European countries all sing some (usually very, very poor / cheese-filled) song and then they all vote for the most popular country the best song. Tricky, I admit. Usually, a song I hate wins and I have no idea of politics or the world around me, really and so I have no idea what the country has done to deserve the dubious honour.

England is systematically awful. No, I refuse to link to our video. It was hideous. It had a airline theme and involved the phrase 'salty nuts'. Go away. IT DESERVED NO POINTS. It did, however, win some. COUNTRIES ARE STUPID.

We in England are also blessed to have the wonderfully sardonic Terry Wogan doing the voiceover for us, and he proceeds to get steadily more drunk and steadily more rude and laugh a lot at everyone, and it is gleeful.

I make a little score sheet with my own categories, because I am pathetic, and this year the categories were: Innate Likeability, Talent (and not many people scored highly there, I can tell you), Hot or Not Gyrating, Cheesiness of Outfit (many high scores) and Attractiveness.

It is, all things considered, a very shallow evening.

I HAVE POOR MUSICAL TASTE. Please bear that in mind when viewing the selection of my preferred songs.

So, in my Religious exam, I LIED A LOT. The questions weren't hideous, and I think I've done okay, but that usually means I've done terribly so I don't know what to think.

As my reward for not completely failing the exam (despite oversleeping this morning and getting up 15 minutes before I had to leave the house, which meant I had no breakfast and nothing to drink before being propelled into the most pointless exam ever. And it only counts as half a GCSE because it's Short Course. And the grade boundaries are HORRIBLE. 82/84 for an A*, anyone?), I am going to watch House and then watch Shark, which I keep meaning to watch and keep going to bed instead.

With a bag of Aero Bubbles.

Oh yeah.


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