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Rich text is different? When did that happen? Change scares me. Also, it won't let me use a ljcut so I'll try to keep this short!

I want everyone to pretty please go to my userinfo page and see the purty colourbar of Irina that I made today. I'm quite pleased with it really and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be to make!

Desperate Housewives tonight? Wow. Bree can be quite the crazy, can't she? And at the same time Marica conveys this sadness. *sigh* On a more shallow note, bar-trawling!Lynette? Hotlikewhoa. Really. Bree and Lynette are just in love. Now that would be a plotline that should be used! Yes, yes it should.

It is late-ish here and I am tired...I may return to ramble some more 2m. Am not returning to school before half-term (which starts next monday) because of teh ill, but I still have to get up in the mornings because I have to take my sister to school - my mother is not going to work and her work happens to be my sister's school, so she can't very well take her there!

Illness seems to be easing off, so cross your fingers for me!
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See picture of love beyond the cut!

Also in today's wondeful entry:

  • DH fangirling
  • Isabelle film dilemmas Part 2
  • Leeeeeeeena!


This way to the fun that is my randomness! )


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