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So, am now at my aunt's house! It's so lurvely here, apart from being vair vair cold. But that's nothing that my new cardigan that resembles a pair of sleeves with a back can't fix!

Am now using an Apple Mac laptop (my uncle's) and it's as confusing as hell. Internet Explorer does not exist, instead there is "Safari mode". What the hell is that?? Gah. And the mouse? ONLY HAS ONE BUTTON! There is no option to right click! That is not right!! You cannot open things in a new window!! *dies* But I'm dealing, Vaguely. If dealing means screaming at the stupid laptop in a "WHY COULDN'T YOU JUST BUY A WINDOWS!!!" kind of rational way.

There are many many bonuses to being here though!

1) Broadband *lurves it*
2) NTL (which is like Sky, or whatever versions you know of paying for extra channels)
3) No small children
4) My darling aunt and uncle (darling may not be the right word for the woman who chose to decorate her house like this: outrageous and strong-willed spring to mind!)
5) She has a Tassimo machine, which is the easiest way of making any knid of hot drink you can think of.
6) Lots and lots of nice food
7) Did I mention my aunt and uncle?
8) My aunt!

Right now, everyone is at work but I don't mind. It's nice here. In a bit I'm going to go and get some vair vair fattening lunch, because I want to, and I may serve it with some fattening pudding and some hot chocolate. Then I'm going to watch Scrubs. *is in heaven*

As a side note: Kristin Scott-Thomas? Too, too stunning.

Note 2: BLEAK HOUSE STARTS TONIGHT!!! Eeeeeeeee!!! Gilllyyyy! Lady Dedlock! Depressing must-act storylines! Decent tv! Dickens!! *hyperventilates*

Note 3: Laura, if you read this, hello! (For those of you who don't know Laura, you are either very blessed or very unfortunate, depending on your view point.) *waves to Laura* See, I mentioned you! *huggles*

*huggles for Meredithy too, so she doesn't get jealous* ;)


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