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I just, I don't even know, okay? Here is this thing. (somehow it is the longest thing I can remember writing recently, and I just hope it isn't awful)

Title: We Will Become Silhouettes
Fandom: Merlin (RPF)
Pairing: Colin/Bradley
Rating: PG to PG-13 (language only)
Disclaimer: Er, this did not happen and I have neither met these people nor claim that this is real. No profit involved; no slander intended. Also, title from the song of the same name by The Postal Service.
Word Count: ~ 2600
Summary: Bradley is not Arthur, Colin is confused and both of them end up in a lake. For this prompt at [ profile] thisissirius Colin and Bradley (and Katie and Angel etc) comment fest party, which you should all go and see.

Colin looks out of the little trailer window. Miraculously, despite being neither on the bed nor actively wanting to be near the bed, he is being weighed down by Bradley’s legs. )
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Birthday was gooood :D

I am typing this entry on my very own New Laptop (a Mac), which I insist on referring to as either a) my 'miMac' or b) my 'little grey cell' (like the brain and also like a battery: I am clearly a genius, right?), which is SO MANY SHADES OF AWESOME, except for the part where I am trying to get used to the whole Mac-is-not-a-Windows thing, but still. AWESOME. I have, like, ten tons of pictures from yesterday that I will sort out into a proper birthday post at some point in the near future but for now, THANK YOUUUU to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. ♥

On the same kind of note, I had lots of videos on my old computer in .wmv format and now I cannot watch them (D:) so I have this to ask: a) do any of you know of a way around this to make the .wmv files work in iTunes or b) do any of you have any fanvids you consider essential to your being that will work in iTunes that you feel like sharing?

Also for my birthday, I was given a pilates dvd, so I expect to be toned and honed and flexible in approximately no time now. Isn't that what happens with the pilates? You do a silly pose and then your body magically snaps into elastic fitness, right? Right? Oh god I am going to fall on my head and die

IN OTHER NEWS (oh dear I can vote now, I am going to ruin the country y/n?): MERLIN HAS EATEN MY MIND. ALLLLL OF IT. Arthur is so prettyyyy, and Merlin has his big happy face of winsomeness, and Morgana is insanely attractive and has a hot relationship with Uther I AM WRONG IN THE HEAD. I should be reading our French novel for coursework, and instead I am writing fic. What is wrong with this picture? SO MANY THINGS. I have even made a playlist for Merlin on my iPod which is basically all my crappy poor taste bouncy music (I have Girls Aloud, and Katy Perry - despite the fact that I don't like her that much, I have been singing 'Hot 'n' Cold' for, like, a week - and Miley Cyrus and other crack music.

hee hee I like this Mac so much. If I swipe the trackpad sideways with three fingers, it goes back in the internet browser! I am so easily amused. I don't even have to click to scroll down: I just swiiiipe the trackpad.


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