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Here is a question: are any of you lovely people on birth control for period reasons? Or, are you on birth control for birth control reasons (this would seem to be the logical thing to do) and have noticed a difference in your periods for the better? I ask this because I cannot possibly go another month with my periods like this, particularly not when I have exams, and also because at one point today I had to just lie down on my bathroom floor and weep a little bit.

Failing that: what do you do to STOP THIS PAIN?

I've had rubbish periods since they started when I was 11 - they last somewhere between 5-9 days and the first 3 usually render me incapable of doing much other than lying around and whimpering, but then there are the ones like this one, which just flatten me completely and I can't sit down, stand up or lie down. WHAT IS THE ANSWER, O WISE LADIES?

On another, less bleesome topic,what I have basically been doing with my life other than heating up hotbots in every other hour is reading all the YA fantasy fiction I can get my hands on. ) WHO ELSE HAS READ HAVEMERCY BY [ profile] ladyjaida and [ profile] danibennett, BECAUSE I JUST WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.HERE ARE MORE WORDS ABOUT THAT; non-spoilery. )

Also I read books that are not by people on LJ! I am currently reading the considerably less good House of Night series, which I bought on the strength of their concept (a finishing school for vampires) and the books are quite rubbish but in the way that's enjoyable. Like Twilight, but with less sparkling and more sex. When my mother and I were flicking through the pages of the first book the other day, in Waterstones, she turned to me and said, "It took two people to write this?" (It is co-written). The answer is yes. Yes, it did. It only got better from there (vampire communing with Indians!).

Here is a thing: why is it that the protagonists in fantasy fiction so often end up being The Most Special Specialton Ever to Special Ever, Better Even Than Anyone Or Anything Before Them? I get it, authors: you want your hero/heroine to be super wonderful, but, okay, this just irritates me. I get that it also appeals to the part of people that want to be special themselves, because everyone does want this on some level, I think, in whatever way - particularly clever/beautiful/powerful/memorable/kind etc - but it is used so often to give a book tension - YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS THE POWER TO DO THIS THING THAT WILL BRING THIS BOOK TO ITS POINT, BUT FIRST ANGST ABOUT THIS FOR MORE PAGES THAN ARE USED TO EXPLAIN THE ACTUAL PLOT - that I now can't really root for the Super Special character in any way, because I mainly want to smack them in the face. Here are some more thoughts on that, lol what the hell unexpected literary musings. )

Here is another thing: I really want to be able to eat dairy again, but it is not to be.

To end this mishmash of an entry, a word about lurking. I lurk on some journals but only when I don't feel confident enough that if I say words to someone, they won't run screaming in the other internet direction. This is something I am doing less and less, because I have made some amazing lj friends after having finally said hello to them, but what I am trying to say, in a ludicrously egotistical way, is if I happen to have any lurkers reading this right now, drop me a comment to say hi? A few people have recently friended me too, and so to facilitate new contact or indeed if anyone else wants to procrastinate away their revision (oh yeah), let's have a meme or two to conclude. Take your pick! - or, indeed, pick both.

1. Give me a subject you would like to see me make a post about, and I shall do just that.

2. In response to this post, ask me about the first time I did something. It can be anything--the first time I ate Italian food, the first time someone I knew died, the first time I left the country, the first time someone of the opposite sex saw me naked. I'll answer in the thread. Then (if you like) put it on your journal and I'll ask you questions.


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