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Augh, I've had this flu-bug type thing for the last week, and while it's mostly gone now, let me tell you, M.E. does not get on with having additional illness shoved on top of it. SUCK IT UP, M.E.; I NEED TO GET THIS COURSEWORK DONE.

Before I move on, can I just say a really HUGE thank you to everyone who put up with the whiny texts from me, and who joined me in texting inane and random things back and forth all day every day: you have kept me sane when members of my family couldn't communicate with me for fear of catching the death bug, and as my only links to staying sane, you were AMAZING to the extent that I cannot properly express my gratitude. ♥ okay, many, many ♥ (and to [ profile] lo0o0ony_lauren, who had the joy of trying to organize something with me while my brain could barely remember what my name was, you are a better woman than I, my sweet).

ANYWAY. It was a great great thing that on Monday, the first day that I was basically incapable of getting off the sofa without falling down (no, really; it would have been hilarious had it not hurt), the complete League of Gentlemen boxset arrived on my doormat. And then it didn't leave my eyes until Saturday.

Could I find screencaps (FAIL), I would be doing a picspam as we speak. Well, er, not right now, because I need to go do yoga and make dinner to be ready for Being Human at 9 (hurrah!), but soon.

This entry is pointless; here is Mark Gatiss to make that better. )


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