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There is no cohesive structure to this post! Never mind.

I watched the film version of Brideshead Revisited on Wednesday; here are some thoughts on that )

Also, I saw Watchmen last weekend, which I should say words about, but apparently all I am capable of doing this evening is sitting in my dressing gown, eating chocolate and reading fic until my eyes fall out, so suffice it to say that I really, really enjoyed it and have since bought the graphic novel, which I am in the middle of reading. The main thing I wish to say on the matter is that Ozymandias is about 81273816381 times prettier in the film (OH LOOK IT'S MATTHEW GOODE), and also the spitting image of the Vesuvius Club-era Lucifer Box in my head, and, er, what else? Oh dear, it seems I am going to talk about this, alright, bear with me. unexpected extra words on this subject, what )

Two more things, before I stop eating this carob bar (people who said this tasted nice lied) and go in search of some other dairy-free good:

- In case anyone missed it who might be interested, I wrote a Merlin fic the other day.
- Rec me some fic! Any fic, any fandom you know I like or think I might be interested in. Just, tell me one of your favourites. In return, er, you can name me a character and I will tell you one person from their fandom that I ship them with, and one crossover ship I would support. Go go go!


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