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I completely blame you for this, [profile] missfoxie

Can some kind person/people please recommend me a Helen Mirren film? All I have in my home is Gosford Park, which I watched yesterday while lying in a pool of my own illness (metaphorically speaking only, there was no actual pool) and promptly fell head over heels with her. 

So. Aaaaaany film at all, preferably with some form of angst. Thanking you all very kindly, oh wonderful people I know.

There would have been an accompanying poll but lj screwed around with me and I have to go and lie down again now, so instead I shall give you the questions and maybe you can tell me in the comments? With your helpful Helen Mirren film suggestions? *puppy eyes*

1) Favourite actor/actress (or one of them, I know it's difficult to choose!)
2) Favourite scene said person has done.

I was going to put this next bit behind a cut, but I feel it's important for you all to read:

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the last couple of memes I've done, because they've meant I've conversed with all of you lovely people and you all really do make me smile and giggle and make me feel better when my own body is conspiring against me. I guess what I mean is that I'm glad I've met youuu, all of you crazy people, even the ones I've not spoken to a lot or have just met recently, and that talking to you or reading things you've written genuinely does make me all yaye. So thank you, for being brilliant people. That is all.

I'm very sorry. I'm hormonal and emotional and my head hurts. Sorry if that last paragraph sounds a tad crazed.



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