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I am appealing to you all here in a time of boredom and despair.

Um, attractively, I appear to have become allergic to my glasses (I know, I have all the luck). I currently have wonderfully pleasant oozing sores on my nose and behind my ears. To give them a chance to heal, I am going without my glasses for a day (we went to the opticians to get me some contact lenses so I could function, but because I am clearly the luckiest girl in the world, they were closed today).

And really, I am so, so blind without my glasses. All the medical professionals I've seeen have looked at whatever information they have about me and gone 'oh, you're short sighted', and then looked again and gone 'oh, you're really short-sighted'. YES I AM VERY BAD IN THE EYE DEPARTMENT THANKS FOR RUBBING THAT IN MY SIGHTLESS FACE.

And the Boots people won't give me anything to help the attractive reaction without a doctor's prescription, which I can't get until tomorrow. NEARGH.

So, I am spending the day mopping up my face WHILST NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE TWO FEET IN FRNOT OF MY FACE. How am I typing this, you ask? Very very close to the keyboard and painstakingly slowly.

Do you know how many things you can't do without sight? Read? Watch crap? Arse about on the computer? Nothing.

And the worst part is, it's Rome tonight and I CAN'T SEE.

Buyt hooray for [profile] misplacedmarble, who finishes her GCSEs today. It's lovely to be freeee, yes?

Apolgies for this post of woe, I jus needed to whine. Please do ignore me.


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