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I realised I forgot a Jack picture I photoshopped for last night in the posting! The pretty and hot must have gone to my head.

I'll put it under a cut, to save dial-up peoples. From Torchwood, 1x03. )

As always, caps by [ profile] marishna, photoshopping by me.
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Jack Gwen Watchingness

1x03 - Ghost in the Machine

Look, I am very sorry to all you non-Torchwood friends-list people, but this show is eating my brain. So it has come down to 'Moogie makes Torchwood posts' or 'Moogie esplodes'. And really, at least click the lj-cut and look at the pretty that is Jack, because...because...there's hot gun-teaching-lack-of-regard-for-personal-space angsty-Jack under the cut. And therefore, yaye.

Also, lots of my ramblings about the most recent episode! Um, definite spoilers for 1x03, but maybe 1x02 and 1x01 as well, because I can get on a roll yet I forget what happened when. I'm tired and Jack is too pretty. He is melting my brain.

'From where I'm standing, all the right curves in all the right places.' )

All caps by [ profile] marishna, all slightly odd photoshop colouring on the caps done by meeeeee.

In conclusion, Torchwood = good. Jack = sex. Moog = sleepy.
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I am alive! See, look, I'm posting.

I do have reasons though; I've been laid up whining in pain for two weeks and this week, I'm doing a ton of work that my teachers have sent me. I do not exaggerate. I have had to make a schedule. Look at my schedule for the week, which is supposed to be half-term and be RELAXING. /grumble )

In more cheery news, Torchwood was several thousand types of brilliant, thank God. I'll need a shiny to get me through the abject horror that is David Tennant as The Doctor. *headdesk* Torchwood rambles with spoilers for the first two episodes, and DT Doctor Who finale )

My womb hurts like a shitty thing, I have to say. In that way that isn't enough for painkillers (I build up resistance to painkillers really easily, so I have to limit them) but aches like a bugger. Anyways.

I have to go and work like a freak now! Leave me cheering comments?


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