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I, er, hello! I have access to the wonders of the internet again due to a handed-down laptop that is now my proud possession, so, hello again.

This is not, however, the point of this post. The point is, LOZ LOZ HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOZ HI HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am sorry I am, like, a lot of weeks late in revealing this, your gift, but here it is and I hope you like it. I must apologise here, though, for butchering both characters here and failing at writing colloquial discourse, but NVM HAPPY BIRTHDAY <33333333

Title: To Drink
Fandom: Harry Potter / The History Boys
Pairings: Remus Lupin/Irwin, Irwin/Dakin, Remus/Sirius
Word Count: 5303
Summary: It is the winter of 1983, and it is raining.
A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOZ! This is for youuuu, and I’m really sorry it’s so late. It has been a labour of love, and I hope you like it. :D (Also, this is set, like, the first Christmas after The History Boys is set, so I guessed that would be '83).


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- I am still alive, contrary to all internet activity (i.e. none) suggesting otherwise.

- Have been ill for aaaages now (bleugh), am now back at school for three-day weeks, am also trying to keep up with friends-list again.

- I fear, however, if I attempt to tackle my friends-list of the last three weeks, I might drown in entries, so, er, do please link me to anything you've posted and would like me to see, or have seen and liked, or, or, idk, anything else.

- AS-levels are most enjoyable: full to the brim of Working McWorking-face, but I love all my subjects and I wouldn't change them, so that's all fine.

-  My paid account died while I was being ill, and I have no money to replenish its glorious icon status of 30-something until November, so I apologise for only have 6 icons to shove in your faces when posting/commenting. 

- I feel all Christmassy, for no explicable reason: I think it's because I've been thinking to songs that I listened to pretty much on repeat for the whole of the Christmas season last year, and, er, making a Christmas list to give to my dad (he always asks for them astoundinly early), but still. CHRISTMAS IN LESS THAN THREE MONTHS WHAT.

- OH GOD I WANT ORDER OF THE PHOENIX ON DVD SO MUCH. I'm in a real Potter mood, for what reasons idk, but I am, and I can't watch Prisoner of Azkaban again or my eyes might bleed, despite my insane and overpowering love for it (it remains my favourite of the films) and I've never really liked Goblet of Fire in either of its book-y/film-y incarnations, and, and, there's a fic I've written based on the movie-timeline rather than the book-timeline, which is bad, I know, but I have done and I want to re-write it and clean it up a bit and for this I need to see the film. Is it November 12 yet?

- I've been re-(re-re-re-re)reading [personal profile] shoebox_project. Everyone else should be doing so too.

- This happened to me in Latin today:

MOOG: *writing down Latin*
TEACHER: Blah blah tangential-cakes
MOOG: (thinking) La la la, I love Remus and Sirius, la la la, Marauder-era wins at everything, la la la, gay gay gay boys
TEACHER: (at very high volume) MARAUDERS!! MARAUDERS I TELL YOU...
MOOG: (still thinking) *sitting bolt upright*  !!!! HE CAN READ MY MIND OH GOOD GOD.
TEACHER: the translation of that word.
MOOG: *collapses back to desk*

Er, I haven't really said anything of any interest here, have I? Nnngh, I apologise. Must endeavor to do something useful for friends-list in the near future. Much love for you all, you lovely lovely people.


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